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If you want to join a challenge (GOTD,GOTW) click "join and play" or "if you would like to participate, Click Here" ×




Game CHALLENGES (GOTD, GOTW, and maybe TEAM games, shortly):-


Our old system only ever had ONE list of scores for each game. High Scores were cleared out before each Challenge began.

But under the new system there are TWO SEPARATE scores lists, so you can choose to play the Challenge OR just the "normal" (Hi Score) game.


To play a Challenge you must click either "Join and Play" or "... If you would like to participate, Click Here". (It seems that you can't view the scores list for that Challenge UNTIL you've played!)

Should you want to play the game but NOT in the Challenge, then click the game icon at the top instead.


If confused as to WHICH scores list you're looking at, check the TITLE of that list.

If it's "High Scores for (game name)" then that's the "normal" list.

If it's "(game name GOTD") - or GOTW or TEAM - then that is the Challenge list!


Hopefully this will become easy, but be aware this area may still change as our new arcade software is still under rapid development and improvement - thanks to its creator, TubeSock.

(If you like you can read this TubeSock's own explanation - HERE.)  . . (We recommend his site anyway, if you like! LOL)